We have started the production of illuminative ramps

As the very first company within the Czech Republic, we have started the production of illuminative ramps for the application on football fields with natural turf. Photos can be found here.

The absolutely first produced illuminative ramp was delivered to the Generali Arena stadium of Sparta Prague.
While keeping the identical technological and performance parameters as the similar equipment from abroad, we have managed to keep the costs lower by a third.
Based on the research and in accordance with the latest developments for improving the growing conditions a maintaining the performance of natural turfs all over Europe, it is important to deliver enough light to the natural turf, which will enable better photosynthesis. This process is important be it in United Kingdom or Russia. /please see pictures from Arsenal and Sachtar Doneck/
Problems caused by the lack of light is being a constant issue with all the shaded parts of stadiums across Europe not only in winter months, but throughout the complete season.
Now you can give the necessary light to your turf, as it needs the illumination very much in order to grow better and keep its characteristics for a longer time.
The bigger the part of your pitch is covered by these illuminative ramps the better for your natural turf. Please, look at the usage of such illuminative ramps across Europe in various countries and stadiums. Delivery time is approx. 2-3 month, depending on the quantity.

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