AC Sparta Prague – observe with us the demanding preparation before the match

Observe with us the preparation of the natural turf before the match of Sparta versus FC Liverpool. Photos can be found here.

Already during the first half of January 2011 the preparation works on the main stadium pitch at AC Sparta Prague are in full speed. Due to the dates of matches in the European league the last match against CSKA Moscow was held quite late in December and also because of large quantities of snow fall and extremely low temperatures during the course of November-December. The regeneration period of the grass has been cut to the shortest possible minimum.
Our company which is the contractual partner of AC Sparta Prague is on a wide scale involved with the maintenance and preparations of the main stadium pitch during the winter break. We are focusing all our efforts to prepare the grass pitch for the up-coming match against FC Liverpool in the European league.
As of Friday 7.1.2011 the heating system of the pitch is in full operation mode. The same goes for the automatic irrigation system. The natural turf was treated on the complete surface with light sowing of special grass species able to germinate at low temperatures.
In the course of the coming next 3 weeks we have planned preventive chemical treatment of the natural turf including the addition of granulated iron fertilizers in order to refresh the color of the grass.
As a very special treatment we have recently purchased from a Norwegian company MLR and now lend to the Sparta stadium and started operating this supplementary lightning ramp with floodlights, immediately. This mobile lightning ramp has 12 floodlights adding up to a total output of 7,2kW. This system is helpful in turf regeneration and growth during the harsh winter conditions.

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